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Remote Call Blitzes Made Easy

Be Together

Get the best of both worlds - remote work and the unbeatable energy of a sales floor.

All of the familiar essentials from your existing video conferencing tool.

  • Short learning curve for your reps - it’s just like Zoom/Google Meet/MS Teams.
  • Feels like being in office. Need to grab a rep for a quick 1-on-1? Use the breakout rooms feature.

Dial Together

Our real-time integration with your dialer enables all of your reps to dial at the same time without disrupting each other.

Maximize the productivity of your remote call blitzes.

  • No more dialing one at a time, no more manual muting/unmuting. It’s all automated by CallBlitz.
  • ZERO change to how your reps dial. We fit right into their workflow. No extra clicks during call blocks.

Coach Effectively

Real-time, right in the moment, make those lessons stick. Capitalize on all one-to-one and one-to-many coachable moments.

  • While the rep’s on a call send instant written coaching messages to the rep’s screen or whisper.
  • Speak with voice to any other reps shadowing a call alongside you. No disruption to the caller.
  • Debrief a call after it’s over in an isolated audio room with the caller and any other reps that were listening.
  • Post-blitz coaching - store & tag call recordings and build a library of best practices

Build The Right Culture

Cultivate an environment where cold calling is FUN. Because we all know - reps that dial more are reps that book more meetings & build more pipe.

  • GIFs - because every sales floor needs some hype
  • Drive friendly competition among your reps with a live leaderboard

Build Your A-Team

Without CallBlitz

  • 😔
    Reps dial alone during call blocks
  • 💩
    Reps call bad numbers on purpose to hit activity targets
  • Bad practices go unchecked
  • 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Cold calling feels like a chore
  • 👎🏾
    Omni-channel outreach ineffective

With CallBlitz

  • ❤️
    Reps dial together as a TEAM
  • 🤗
    Reps actually want to cold call
  • Verify talk tracks and call quality as they happen
  • 😎
    You, fearless leader, dial with your team in the trenches #streetcred
  • 🤑
    SPIFFS, live competitions, more meetings booked, more quota HIT

Integrates With Your Dialer

Hassle-free setup, all your reps need to dial is our Chrome extension.

Sales Leaders & Reps Love Us

(and we love them right back!)

CallBlitz has helped our SDR team in many facets. The tool has allowed for a channel to train, coach and develop all of our new and veteran SDRs.

We have been able to monitor our numbers in live sessions and it has given us the opportunity to take that next step as an SDR Team.
We use CallBlitz in my sales training program for B2B companies. Hearing live calls and having live calls (as a group) is the fastest way to ramp outbound prospecting across a sales team.

CallBlitz enables this and it gives sales reps the proximity they need to put their training into action and be the best they can be on the phone.
Our 2 newest BDRs both had double-digit first month meetings booked because they’ve had the opportunity to listen to so many calls as well as make calls with feedback during their training.

I can honestly say CallBlitz is more beneficial than any other tool we use!
Mig Karen Ramirez
SDR, Product School
I love using CallBlitz, because it creates camraderie between our SDR team. We are working remotely and thousands of miles away from each other, but with Callblitz, it feels as if they are just a few inches away from me.

I also love how we can listen to each others calls and coach each other every step of the way. Gracias, Team CallBlitz!
Anastasia Durante
BDR, eDynamic Learning
CallBlitz has been a game changer for our "call blitzing" experience compared to Zoom. My team went from making 2-3 calls each in an hour to 15+ calls using CallBlitz.

The opportunity to bounce back and forth between team members, listen in and give each other feedback allows us the best use of our time.

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